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Corporate Support and Training Prep for our Atlantic Row

As the sun dips lower on the horizon and the winds carry the whisper of adventure, the Atlantic Assault team gears up for a monumental journey. In the months spanning September to December, our mission has been twofold: securing vital corporate sponsorships to fuel our Atlantic row and intensifying our training regimen to fortify our muscular endurance for a 50 day journey under hard routine. Join us as we delve into the behind-the-scenes narrative of preparation and partnership.

Royal Marine Camaraderie: Stories Behind the Team

September became a canvas for us to paint the stories behind the team. As our oars dipped into the waters of camaraderie, we delved into each team member's background, forging bonds as resilient as the Atlantic we're about to cross. From shared military experiences to personal motivations, the team dynamics became the cornerstone of our preparations, building a foundation strong enough to weather any storm. We are currently rowing as a duo but.... we have a few surprises in store. 😁

Corporate Chronicles: Stories of Support

As autumn leaves fell, our corporate sponsors began weaving their stories into the fabric of Atlantic Assault. Their logos emblazoned on our boat became symbols of shared values and commitment. From industry giants to local businesses, the diversity of support mirrored the strength of the ocean we are about to navigate.

Thank you to both 2Excel Aviation and The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust for their support

Training the Commando Spirit: Muscular Endurance in Focus

As October rolled in, our focus shifted from boardrooms to the training ground. Muscular endurance, the heartbeat of our journey, became our relentless pursuit. From rowing marathons to strength training sessions, we forged resilience in the crucible of disciplined exertion. The gym echoed with the shared determination of Royal Marines preparing to conquer both land and sea.

Endurance Lab: A Glimpse into Training Routines November unveiled the intricate tapestry of our training routines. Inside our 'Endurance Lab,' rowing machines and weights became the tools to mold our bodies for the impending challenges. From sunrise rowing sessions to midnight gym drills, our days became a symphony of preparation, harmonising with the rhythmic pulse of the Atlantic waves we anticipate.

December Dawns: The Horizon Beckons

As December arrived, our journey approached the horizon. Corporate logos to be adorned on our boat, which will be a testament to shared visions and collaborative spirit. Our muscles, trained to endure, awaited the ultimate test.

The months leading to December have been a saga of partnership and perseverance, of corporate synergy and physical fortitude. As the Atlantic looms large on our horizon, the echo of support fuels our anticipation. Join us as we embark on our unsupported row, a testament to the power of collaboration and the unwavering spirit of the Royal Marines.

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See you soon🤙

Team Atlantic Assault

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