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About Atlantic Assault

Atlantic Assault Row 2024 is a charitable row dedicated to raising funds for the Royal Marines Charity. In December 2024, Serving and Veteran Royal Marines will embark on a challenging row across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness and support for this important cause. Our team is passionate about supporting our brave servicemen and women who have made sacrifices for our country. Join us in our mission to make a difference and support our cause.


The Challenge

Rowing across the Atlantic is a monumental feat, and Atlantic Assault is prepared to confront a series of formidable challenges head-on. From the relentless physical demands of rowing for weeks on end to the mental fortitude required to cope with isolation, the team will push their limits. They'll battle unpredictable weather, including scorching sun and raging storms, and navigate through monstrous waves that can reach towering heights all whilst rowing in shifts of 2 hours rowing and 2 hours sleeping all whilst.

Why the Atlantic?

The Atlantic Ocean represents the ultimate test of endurance, courage, and commitment. It's a relentless force of nature that mirrors the unwavering dedication of our team, as we row across its vast expanse to support the Royal Marines Charity. Our journey across the Atlantic is a symbolic tribute to the challenges faced by those who serve, and a testament to the power of teamwork and determination.


Meet the Team


Our Charity

The Royal Marines Charity is a UK-based organization dedicated to providing crucial support and assistance to serving and retired Royal Marines and their families. Established to enhance the well-being and quality of life for those associated with the Royal Marines community, the charity offers a range of services and initiatives to address physical, mental, and financial challenges that may arise due to military service. These services encompass areas such as rehabilitation, retraining, respite care, and more, aiming to empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives post-service. 

Our Aims

Supporting the Corps

Supporting The Corps

Our primary goal is to honor and support the Ranks of the Royal Marines who have dedicated their lives to serving their country. We aim to raise funds that will provide essential support to current and Veteran Royal Marines, ensuring they receive the care, assistance, and opportunities they deserve. By doing so, we hope to express our profound gratitude and give back to those who have selflessly defended our nation.

Inspiring others

Inspiring Others

By taking on the monumental challenge of rowing the Atlantic, we aim to inspire individuals and communities to come together, rally behind our cause, and contribute to a brighter future for our military. We hope that our journey will serve as a powerful example of what can be achieved through determination, teamwork, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact.

Promoting Resilience

Promoting Resilience

Our expedition across the Atlantic Ocean serves as a testament to the spirit of adventure and resilience that defines not only the Royal Marines but also all those who seek to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. Through our journey, we aim to inspire others to embrace adventure, explore the unknown, and discover their own inner strength. We want to show that with determination and a willingness to venture into uncharted waters, we can achieve remarkable feats and overcome life's most daunting challenges.

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